I used to think owning a horse meant poverty

But now I know that getting a new DSLR is the thing.  Its not just getting the camera, then you need a lens (preferably more than one) a bag, a tripod, filters, spare batteries and cards and so on and so on!

I have been a Point and Shoot girl for many years, my current camera is the Canon S3IS and it is a wonderful camera.  It has done me well for about 4 years but I have always desired having a ‘real’ camera and fortune smiled upon me and now I am the proud (and slightly terrified) owner of the Canon 40D and a 17-85 EFS IS lens.

I have decided to blog about my learning experiences with this camera, in the hope that if I write some of it down, I might possibly either learn something or not repeat some mistakes (and hopefully both!)


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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