No day is a complete waste if you learn something

First, this is a test post via email so apologies if its wonky in any way

Second- some Tips!

Tip#1 – Its not very clearly spelled out in either the Canon manual or my 40D Field Guide (wonderful book BTW) but when you set the camera to Auto – it will only let you shoot in JPEG – to set it to shoot in RAW you have to change to the manual modes (P AE TV etc) however once you have set it, you can flick between them and whatever you set stays set –
so you only have to set it once (this had me completely boggled for around an hour till I sat down with both books and read very slowly)

Tip#2 – buy your bag AFTER you get the camera. I tried on various bags for size (to fit me) and now I discover that the small light comfy backpack I bought isnt quite big enough (or more problematically laid out properly via the internal dividers) to fit everything I thought I could possibly fit into it.

Tip#3 – go to the gym and work on shoulder, arm and wrist strength – this is much heavier equipment than a P&S

Tip#4 – turn the sound of the beeps/clicks off – its surprisingly loud and distracting (and probably has an effect on battery life)

Tip#5 – when you are working your way thru the menu tabs you use the Clik Wheel (wooo Apple has assimilated me) to nav thru the options but the toggle thingy to move *between* the tabs – that one had me puzzled for a while

And some feedback from my first trial session yesterday OMGPONIES its SO FAST!!! Press the button and you get the instant CLICK! Half press for focus and its THERE!

And while Im still getting used to the weight and handholding, so I had a few soft shots, the ones that are in focus REALLY are – I can tell when I load up in PSP and then bring the image up to 100% – instead of being soft and slightly artifacty the one shot I got of Taz is completely sharp when viewed at 100%. Thats what I’m talking about 🙂


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