#2 New stuff I have learned

Last weekend I was lucky to have a camera mentoring session with the Patron of my new photography club.  His wife has the same camera as mine, and he invited me over to help set it up and make sure I had a handle on the basics.  It was really valuable, as I had managed to do some silly things with some setups, and he readily answered all my questions!!!!

Plus with the fine weather kicking in I have been out for 3 shooting sessions this week and thats been a learning experience as well.

So here are the new things I have learnt recently in no particular order:

1.  There is a Depth of Field preview button on my camera, Im not really sure in what situation to use it in but its there

2.  Shoot in P – Program mode – it will set the aperture and shutter speed based on available light – its essentially Auto mode for shooting in RAW as I understand it

3.  There are two rings on my zoom lenses, one is the ZOOM ring which moved the point of focus, the other is the FOCUS ring, which brings you back into focus once you have set it with the ZOOM.

You can see the two rings on the pic of the lenses below.  The one closest to the camera is the FOCUS  and the one closest to  the end of the lens is the ZOOM (note I got this round the wrong way cos I didnt check on my camera while I was typing – and just discovered while shooting I got it wrong!)

4. Some lenses have an AF – autofocus option.  Some have a MF – manual focus option.  And some let you set it on AF but manually focus as well.  To know which is which you need to check the specifications on each lens.

5.  You can set your camera with default settings for ISO, aperture and shutter speed and it will remember them

6. RAW images cannot be viewed as images until they have been processed by special RAW processing software.  Canon provides some with the camera, but I believe there are third party options available if you want something different

7.  Processing RAW images is quite complicated and you need to know your way around histograms and contrast and tone and stuff like that.  Or you can do what I did and completely wing it by fiddling with some settings until it looked about right 🙂

8. Dont try to take photos of trees in blossom on a windy day, its not worth your time

9.  Wearing a camera strap around my neck is a fast track to a bad headache, however there are other options available (not easily available here in NZ unfortunately)

Kinesis X back harness

ThinkTank harness with bag

10. I LOVE my 70-200 F4 IS lens !!!! I have taken it out a couple of times to shoot birds and it makes SUCH a difference, and I even managed to get some very fast shots off that are in focus of a small bird that only stayed still for about 2 seconds 🙂


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3 Responses to #2 New stuff I have learned

  1. daroskoding says:

    About #1, yeah, I haven’t really figured out how to use the DOF button, how do you use it? I know it supposedly helps with estimating depth-of-field, but not really quite sure how it is used.

    In the States, there’s a product called the Blackrapid R-Strap, which kind of lets you ‘wear’ your camera like a sling bag, resting on your hip.

    What I did was to buy an extra long camera-strap and wear it like the Blackrapid, i.e. on my hip.

  2. Sharon says:

    Hi there – I saw your post at NZFM and just had a squiz at your excellent blog. I just acquired a 40D myself (upgrade from by 350D) and I learn more every single day. It is such fun 🙂

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