TechTip#1 – Changing AutoFocus Points

It occurs to me that I have been waffling on a bit but not giving hardcore tips to help you use your camera. So I am going to start a series of TechTips – to share with you one thing on each post that I have learnt to do with my camera (or something about it) that was useful and that I didn’t know previously.

The first TechTip is how to change where the camera does its AutoFocussing. If you are like me you have it set with the full diamond pattern – you will see a similar red diamond when you half depress the shutter button to bring your pic into focus and are looking through the viewfinder and this is what it looks like on the top screen

Full Diamond Pattern AutoFocus

So what if you are out and you want to focus on the center of a flower or just a particular point of the image – how do you change it?

First find the AF Point Selection button (thats the official name in the Canon manual ) – its highlighted by the red arrow below. You might also recognise it as the ZOOM button when looking at pix on your camera screen.

Find the AF Point selection button

Find this and be looking at the top of your camera screen and press it. You should see this (or whatever your camera setting is)

Full Diamond Pattern AutoFocus

If you want to change it just move the Main Dial and it will select its way through all the different points (if you move it one click to the right it will go from ALL POINTS selected to just the CENTER POINT which is really handy)

Main Dial highlighted by red arrow

And if we turn the Dial one click to the right then the screen changes to this

Changed to Center Point Focus

And you can do it while looking through the viewfinder – the same red dots that show up there change the same way as they do on the top screen (provided you can press the right button by feel).

This TechTip was given to me by a member of my photography club.

Where have I used this TechTip?

– trying to manually focus on a lion through fence mesh
– focussing on the very center of a small flower or an insect

Next Tech Tip#2 Zooming and moving Images on the Camera Screen

(apologies for the quality of some if the images – I had to use my old camera to take pix of the new one, and the screen reflected back into the lens making my angles a bit tricky)

It was pointed out to me that I should state these instructions are for the Canon 40D specifically (as thats the model camera I have – I hope if you have another model or brand you will be able to find suitable instructions in your manual – at least you know what to look for now 🙂


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One Response to TechTip#1 – Changing AutoFocus Points

  1. Craig says:

    It gets better. After hitting the AF selector, use the thumb stick above the main dial for ultra fast shifting to the 4 main points.

    Don’t even need to remove eye from eyecup when tracking something and changing between portrait/landscape 🙂

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