Boy at the Beach

There was a Kite Day on yesterday, and it was a fantastic day, and I have LOADS of kite pix to work through.  But walking along the beach I found this quite large sandpit/puddle that had been dug with some effort, but was currently abandoned.

So I went back a bit to frame it up, and while doing so a small boy in a blue swimsuit jumped back in and started playing, so I took a couple of shots of him.

Here he is digging away under the water

And here he has noticed me crouching down with the camera pointed at him

So after a few more shots, I looked around to see where the parents might be and thought I spotted them and went up to say hello, explain I had got some shots of the boy and would email them if they had an email address (I have taken to carrying a notepad and a pen in my backpack for such things).  They were very pleased at the offer and commented they had few good photos of him.  They had a P&S and Dad had been taking shots from his height of over 6 foot 🙂

I kept my eye on him while we were talking, and noticed him listening and paying attention.  And was lucky enough to get this last shot

A rather cheeky grin

I worked the hardest on these images in Lightroom trying to get them the best I could. I was pleased that I managed to figure out how to bring the blue out in his swimsuit. Its mid day ‘nuclear’ sunlight and it was a bit underexposed, but if you pick the blue colour, up the saturation a little and then play with the luminance (bring it down somewhat) you end up with whats above (if you take it too far the darker blue went purple!)

Obviously its nowhere near as good as if someone who knew what they were doing edited it, but I was pleased with what I achieved, and delighted to have the opportunity to get these shots, I am very pleased with them.

And the boys name is Flynn 🙂


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One Response to Boy at the Beach

  1. Craig says:

    I was out there 😛 no camera this time though. Sad eh.

    Was lending a hand to the Peter Lynn crew keeping the big stuff out of trouble. Probably have me on camera if you look closely.

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