There isnt enough TIME!

I have discovered the secret curse of the serious digital photographer. You end up with hundreds or thousands of unedited pictures clogging up your hard drive because you do not have enough TIME to properly go through and check – discard – edit – upload etc.

Getting quite frustrated with this, might have to dedicate a weekend and really get in and have a good clean out and discard a lot of stuff, I need to be a bit stricter about disposing of more of the average shots. I went and bought the fancy monitor just for this reason.

And I want to develop a watermark cos I am thinking about putting some pix up on a pro site to sell copies of the images off as an experiment (and finding a good site that offers the desired services at a reasonable price has been an interesting exercise – there will be posts about that upcoming)

And I would like to look at tidying up a couple of my faves and getting them properly printed to see what they look like.

To be fair a big part of my issue with time has been the large amount eaten with the recent car drama, but that should be sorted now. My only ongoing niggle is that the current layout of my desk with the CRT and the new monitor is less than optimal as I have a small desk and no room for expansion and due to an old car accident injury, I have ongoing neck issues which are playing up a bit, and I think extended editing sessions will not improve that.

So I have to spend some time seeing what adjustments could be made. Oooh! I just found my self massage spiky ball while fossicking under my desk. Thats a help πŸ™‚


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4 Responses to There isnt enough TIME!

  1. wirehunt says:

    lol, less time on the internet Rose πŸ˜‰

  2. sraun says:

    Check out the Photography tagged postings at IIRC, he’s got some where he talked about work-flow. There are tools that can help.

    I’ve also heard Ctein talk about it – check out He also posts occasionally at, but I don’t remember if any of those have been about work-flow.

  3. Craig says: is your friend

    Make 3 categories: Good, Not bad/Fixable, EWW!-Bin

    Use the numberpad to go 1..2..1..3..3..3..3..3. like I do. And it puts them into directories for later disposal πŸ˜€

    Good way of getting rid of those ones you can’t bring yourself to get rid normally but in reality are never going to be fixable.

    • lensaddiction says:

      I do use the Pick/Reject system that Scott Kelby recommends in his LR2 book, which works a treat, but its a matter of sitting down and making the time to actually do this *sigh*

      Thanks for the link to the software, I had not heard of it.

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