Kiteboarders and Shutterspeeds

Close to where I live is the Estuary, which is a favourite spot for various waterbased sports, yachting, windsurfing etc. It seems a very popular spot for kiteboarders as I often see the kites swirling through the air as I am driving down the long straight road to home.

I got out a couple of weekends ago, and yesterday to finally shoot some of the kiteboarding action. I had wanted to try to get a shot where the boarder was in focus but the shutterspeed was just long enough that I got a bit of motion blur on the background.

So I went out today with the aim of seeing if I could get that shot. On some advice started at 1/30th of a sec but it didnt seem quite right but unfortunately when I changed it I went SLOWER not faster, and it went to all sorts of custard 🙂

But I learned lots of new stuff, and had fun. Am totally totally loving my 70-200 lens, its made of 7 different kinds of *awesome*

No Officer, I did not see that bird floating in the surf

Wave Swirl

This is the best motion blur shot of the day, ALL of it is blurred but I liked the effect, especially on the water

Water Spray

I will try again next weekend if the weather and wind obliges, but this time I will go up to 1/40th of a sec or a bit faster again, and keep trying till I get it as best I can 🙂


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One Response to Kiteboarders and Shutterspeeds

  1. wirehunt says:

    To get what your after Rose you would want someone surfing parallel to you so you can pan and get the motion that way.

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