HDR Experiment #2 – Floral Art

A colleague at work knows one of the ladies who did this floral arrangement at Ellerslie Flower Show (on recently) and asked me to take a photo of it. For those who didn’t make it to the truly *huge* marquee they had these in, the light was quite dim for photography and I decided to take 3 exposures and see what I could do with HDR -2 0 +2 were taken, and the 3 unedited RAW files were output to JPG and then blended in Photomatix.

Below is one of the original exposures edited in LR – taken with the oncamera flash

Original image lit with flash and what ambient light there was

And this is the HDR of the 3 blended exposures

HDR image of 3 blended exposures

Its an ENORMOUS difference Around the flax bag are some overexposed areas but I think thats got a bit to do with me not understanding Photomatix yet.

But if it was your arrangement and you wanted a photographic record to remember it by, which photo would you prefer?

And if you didn’t know, and were just casually viewing the image, does it scream HDR at you? Or would you possibly think “someone with waaaay too much studio lighting at hand?”


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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