Whats your Passion?

I spend a lot of time these days thinking about photography. Usually its along the lines of ‘something cute or interesting happening and DAMN I wish I had my camera on me’. I think about light, and times of day and angles and shadows, and location, and new and interesting things to shoot that I have never done before.

Having a DSLR has become my passion. I was always a keen photographer beforehand, but was frustrated with the limits of the hardware, and what I could and couldn’t do with it. Now my limits are more about what I *want* to do and what fancy new gear I need to do it, and the extremely limited budget I have for said gear.

Now it has become about the learning. Especially as I now have to work within my gear limits 😦 Anyone who visits my house for the first time will walk in the front door, stop, and say “wow, you have a lot of books”

Top half of one bookcase - I have two the same size

I am a geek, I am addicted to information. When I get interested in a new subject/hobby I will go a little OCD and find all sorts of things to read about it, and often end up buying at least one book on the topic. So far my photography collection of books is about 8 books and probably 20+ assorted magazines with articles of interest. Not to mention the blogs I follow and the forums I hang out on. So I spend a lot of time reading and thinking about photography, in the hope of learning enough to be able to apply it, and hopefully IMPROVE technically, which will allow me to improve artistically. Oh and going on fieldtrips and photowalks as well.

I still have to overcome the hump sometimes, but once I am in the car, I am usually good. Its the getting the gear together and getting it in the car is my issue for some reason, but once I am out there I usually have fun of some kind. Unlike fotdmike, I have experienced the ‘hump’ with other activities, again something I usually have to get organised for and then attend.

I am not really sure quite what drives me. I know I enjoy the thrill of getting “the shot” or at least in my instance, getting that much closer in ability to get ‘the shot’ 🙂 I have learned I enjoy getting out and shooting outside my comfort zones – so far this summer I have shot birds, kiteboarders, kayakers, kites, children, sunsets, dogs, buskers. All things I have never tried to shoot before or managed to shoot successfully before. But I have no particular passion for ‘what’ I shoot. When asked, I generally reply ‘whatever stays still long enough’.

I know there are things I don’t shoot for certain reasons – sunrises are high on the list because I am *not* a morning person LOL. Weddings and formal portraits because I have neither the skill/experience/equipment to do these. I am still feeling my way towards landscapes, it would be a crime to live in my country, and not do some form of landscape shooting 🙂

But otherwise, if its there, I will shoot it (or try damn hard!). I get frustrated, because I don’t know if I have a style, or if I should try and develop one, or if it just comes of its own accord. I see no coherence in output of what I shoot. I tend to not overprocess images in PP, but to keep it reflective of what I remember the conditions/light etc to have been.

I want to be more than just a better quality of snapshooter. I want to *be* a photographer, I am not sure how this comes about, or how far down the track I am. I like it when people give me positive responses, that tells me I am doing something right. I guess what I am saying is I want to be *better* but I am not sure what form that better needs to be.

So thats my passion. Whats yours?


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2 Responses to Whats your Passion?

  1. fotdmike says:

    “whatever stays still long enough”

    I love that phrase. I think I’m gonna adopt it! 😉

    When I look back over the pics I’ve taken I sometimes try to see if there’s some sort of common thread. Something that ties them together. A preference for one thing over another. And y’know what? I can’t find one. Seems I’ll shoot anything, anywhere, anytime… if it stays still long enough.

    What does it take to “be a photographer”? Coincidentally, this is something I’ve been thinking about, on and off, for the past few months.
    And the conclusion I’m gradually being drawn toward is “just doing it”.
    Not thinking about it, or talking about it, or studying it… but actually “doing” it. Taking pics. For year… after year… after year.
    Just ploughing through all those obstacles (circumstances, money, motivation, blah blah blah) that from time to time beset us all, and sticking with it.
    And, alongside this, constantly striving to improve. Not necessarily in a technical sense, or an artistic sense, but in whatever way is most meaningful to us.

    Well, that’s what I think at the moment anyway.

  2. forkboy says:

    I, not unlike you, have frequently pondered the issue of finding or searching for a ‘style’ that is me. But of late I have abandoned this sort of thinking, instead preferring to assume that any style I may come by will happen, mostly likely, naturally. Organically. And without any conscious effort upon my part.

    I think photographers can get to worked up about this issue of style and forget to simply enjoy what they do. Try new things. Re-try old things. Be willing to experiment.

    In the end I believe (and hope) that my own style will grow from my experiences, but that may take months. Years. Maybe decades. And maybe, if I’m honest, never.

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