Can you handle the cuteness?

A friend of mine from work has got herself a kitten. Tui is a 6 week old silver tabby bundle of purrs, and I went around yesterday to try and get some nice photos of him for her. It was a good learning experience. I decided to go armed with the 50mm prime as my best option. Her house has quite a lot of wood inside so is quite dark. I had also left it a smidge too late in the day and we started to lose light towards the end.

First I shot on P but Tui was moving so quickly I wasn’t able to get crisp shots. So I moved over to Shutter Priority and put it at 1/160th sec and that seemed to help. Tho I did get a series of quite dark shots where that was obviously too fast and not enough aperture so not enough light. And then I went back to P and got a couple of nicely lit shots at the end as the light was a bit muted behind a big cloud.

Tui - pondering a nap

The above was the very last shot I took, as he was starting to slow down a bit after having run round like a mad thing while I was there. Apparently after I left, he crashed and slept for a few hours πŸ™‚ Too much excitement for such a little kitten!

This is my favourite of the shots I took from a technical perspective, the black background was a fluke of light and angle. We were in a sunroom that had windows at one end and the far end was wooden walls and with the angle of the sun was dark and far enough away I got this lovely dark background. And the window catchlight in the eye.


This is the best image I took on the day and the reflection is a complete fluke. I never saw it while framing the shot (if I had I would have tried to get all the reflection in). His attention is caught by a splodge on the window, and I like how the angle his reflection is at, makes it look like its looking at you. Its not 100% sharp, but is so nice I thought it was worth keeping, and it turns out his mum thought so, as this was her pick of all the shots I took too πŸ™‚

It was a challenge trying to keep up with a very small hyperactive overexcited kitten. It was good to have a go and see how it went, and I am pleased I got as many nice shots as I did.

Turns out the main bedroom gets afternoon sun, and has lovely net curtains to filter them, and the bed is covered with a big white quilt, which I think will make a nice background for a small silver tabby kitten. So if its good light I will go back next weekend and see what we can get with some stronger lighting and hopefully some faster shutter speeds πŸ™‚

All of the photos I took of Tui are up on Zenfolio here


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10 Responses to Can you handle the cuteness?

  1. wirehunt says:

    Didn’t take the flash for a little fill Rose?

  2. forkboy says:

    They are lovely shots and I’m glad to read you wrangled something out of the event. We no longer have kittens, but they are the devil to photograph unless you have plenty of light.

    Fortunately, as they get older about the only shot you can get is of them sleeping!

  3. Katrina says:

    I find that taking pictures of kittens is easier if you present them with a new and interesting toy right before trying to take pictures.

  4. James says:

    Excellent shots, particular the second one, the black background is a perfect setting. I’d imagine your friend would quite like that one framed and on a wall somewhere.

  5. andreab40 says:

    Gorgeous kitten πŸ™‚ amazing photos

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