I am a sucker for Pretty Lights

I was out at the beach photographing a sunset, and decided I was STARVING. I had heard there was a reasonably decent Indian place back along the beach so I thought I would go along to try it out. In that part of town, there has been a large concrete pier built, which is a fairly large and ugly concrete edifice.

But, ooooooh, at night time, they light it with the prettiest lights – all different colours, and it even cycles through in a rainbow pattern!

Fortunately the camera and trusty tripod were at hand, so I slogged my way thru the soft sand down to the harder stuff, avoiding the tide which was starting to come back in and setup shop for long exposures.

I got several good images but these are my favourites.


A slightly different angle and Purple!

This image I find fascinating because the pier is a very long and very STRAIGHT piece of concrete (which you can see from the images above) But the below image creates the illusion of it being made of fabulous scallops along the side with the different angles of light and shadow. I think its quite groovy šŸ™‚

Is is straight or funky curvy instead?

Quite long exposures, several seconds, so the tripod was a must. Tho I have to remember to turn off the Image Stabilisation in the lens – on exposures this long, I was getting blurry shots til I remembered and turned it off.

I got some lovely shots, got all excited, *didn’t* get wet, saw pretty lights and found out a new thing about this city I didn’t know. I wonder what it looks like at sunrise……


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8 Responses to I am a sucker for Pretty Lights

  1. Craig says:

    Lol only taken you a year and a bit šŸ˜›

    Good thing to test out on sunday when you are there for sunrise and dawn parade at the monument then šŸ˜‰

    • lensaddiction says:

      I don’t *do* mornings hence no sunrise shots for me so far, but getting to the time of year they are possible without getting up at ridiculous am

  2. forkboy says:

    These are great! I can only imagine how boring it must look without the lighting, but with… wow!

  3. James says:

    Wow, the first one is outstanding. What amazing colours, and I love the composition

    • lensaddiction says:

      I am proud to say I did compose it for the reflection, and it came out much better than in the viewfinder šŸ™‚

      Thats why there is shot #2 cos I wanted to show the scale of the thing better and I was standing at the halfway point

  4. Rob says:

    Awesome photos!
    Just wondering, why is it for longer exposures you need to turn off the IS?

    • Thanks Rob šŸ™‚ The way it was explained to me was that when you have IS on the camera will keep adjusting itself. If you have it on a tripod, theoretically it should be still, and therefore no need for the IS. In fact if IS is on it can get in the way of the perfectly sharp shot.

      Hope that makes sense.

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