Lowepro MicroTrekker 100 Camera Bag Review

My first bag review. My second bag. I bought the MicroTrekker because the CompuTrekker had been discontinued, it was one I had looked at previously. But an inshop assessment of the features lead me to purchase one this weekend and I took it out for a shoot on Sat night. And here is my initial response:


– its small, no taller than my current bag (Tamrac Adv7) and only a little bit wider
– padding on the inside camera section is substantial
– lots of velcro dividers to make use of the space
– lots of space, deceptive for the size of the bag (I have it only 2/3 full)
– front main pocket is also surprisingly roomy
– front small pocket is handy to get to
– has capacity to take a tripod
– smart Hunter Green and Black colour
– chest strap is able to be moved up and down the arm straps to fit comfortably where you want it to
– access to the camera (if packed at the top of the bag) is doable even if you have the security straps done up which is useful


– its a Lowepro – this means its easy to identify it as a camera bag if someone wanted to steal it (tho the badge has been removed, the name is stamped on all the zips as well)
– Bag padding is substantial, but I didnt realise til I had it loaded up and on my back that the padding in the arms is fairly minimal – less so than my Tamrac. Suboptimal if you have lots of gear)
– access to front main pocket is difficult, there is a protective layer over the zip which is cut and shaped so that it doesn’t have a lot of play and makes trying to zip this open a bit trying
– fitting in a camera with a lens attached appears to be a core design function, but the sizing of the internal dividers doesnt quite allow a comfortable fit – my lens doesn’t sit bang on center on my body, but the velcro dividers are shaped only to cope with cameras that are like that and the camera kindof sits a bit crooked to fit
– tripod bungy cords are not easily removeable – well you can cut them off, but that defeats the purpose – and having all that dangly elastic was annoying, and if walking in bush/forest, potentially dangerous. I had to undo and then re-tie up in a way to have them neat and tidy and out of the way
– overall its very strappy, lots of dangly bits and side bits which I found aesthetically less pleasing, until I was able to tidy a lot of them up

What have I got in the bag?

40D with 17-85mm mounted
70-200 F4 IS with lens hood and tripod ring/mount fitted
580 EX II
50mm F1.8
1.4 extender
Polarising filter in case
connector cable
suntan lotion
spare battery
business cards


Overall I am happy with the bag, it does what I need it to do, which is carry all my current stuff and have room for expansion. The front pockets surprised me with the amt of space they had in them which was a pleasant surprise.

I am a bit disappointed in the lack of padding in the main arm straps, but the bag was quite a lot cheaper than others in the Lowepro range, and that seems to be where the saving was made. I will know to check this in future bag purchases.


For someone with one body, and lenses and accessories, wanting a bag to store and carry their gear, I would recommend this. Ideal for day trips and field trips, not ideal for a long sustained trip to carry reasonable weight – would recommend an upgrade to a model with better arm padding.


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3 Responses to Lowepro MicroTrekker 100 Camera Bag Review

  1. wirehunt says:

    A good review, and a new look for your blog. Nice, a photo perhaps of said bag?

    • lensaddiction says:

      Yes a new look, wasn’t sure if I liked it but I do. Looks like WordPress is putting more effort into 3 column themes, so I hope they make the perfect one, but this will do in the meantime.

      Photos are a good idea – it didn’t occur to me to be honest. I need to find someone else with a body to put in the main section so you can see my problem with fitting in there.

      Might call a friend in the weekend.

  2. forkboy says:

    It is just a wee bit frightening to read your list of items stored in your new bag as I have the exact same stuff!

    I concede I abandoned the notepad when I purchased my iPhone and I keep the sun tan lotion in the car, but everything else is spot on…. SPOOKY!

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