Ruby the Adorable Berner Puppy

Ruby is a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy who I met being walked by her dad in town close to where I work. I passed on my card with an expression of interest in shooting her for my portfolio, and a couple of days later I got an email followup and we did the shoot on Saturday.

She was going to her first Puppy School class, so the hope was that she had burned off some excess energy. Fortunately she had already learned ‘sit’ and ‘stay’ really well, so I was able to get some nice pose shots.

Ruby smiling for the camera

We shot for about an hour, and she clearly started to get tired, so I was able to get the 50mm out and try for some artistic shots and some closeups of her lovey expressive face.

Look at the reflection in her eye - thats Mum and Dad 🙂

Her owners were lovely people, and extremely accomodating, and quite patient about the whole thing. We had a hilarious moment where I wanted to setup where she ran towards me and I got some shots of that. But she took off towards dad before I had a chance to get settled. And when we took her back to the starting position, she just sat there and looked at us LOL.

Chase me!

It was a really nice experience and I hope they like the photos I took – all uploaded here on Zenfolio


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One Response to Ruby the Adorable Berner Puppy

  1. Russel CP says:

    This dog is so damn cute. 🙂 Thanks for sharing these photos.

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