Book Review#3 Lightroom2 book by Scott Kelby

The full name of this book is (take a deep breath):

The Adobe Photoshop LIGHTROOM2 book for Digital Photographers by Scott Kelby.

I have become a fan of books written by Scott Kelby after I got the Digital Photography books he wrote so when I got Lightroom it was a no brainer. I ordered this book and I am so very pleased I did.

Being a bit of a software geek I confess I did load up LR2 and have a bit of a play but I quickly found I had no idea what I was doing. So this is the main reason why anyone with any version of LR (he does a version 1 book as well) should have the matching Kelby book.

Within an hour of sitting down with the software and the book together I was actually using LR2 and getting results!

What I like about this book:

– its written by a photographer for photographers. Kelby knows what the majority of us want to do when working with our images, and gets right to the point and advises you what your options are
– he doesn’t give you ‘his way or the highway’ – yes he certainly advises how he uses the program, but usually advises other options, and more importantly WHY he does things his way. In most instances I found myself taking his advice
– the book is broken down into a logical sequence of events so easy to work through your workflow
– he tells you the bits that *are* important and again explains why, and then helps you work through doing it for your setup
– lots of pictures that clearly help in the explanation
– the next step in the workflow for many people is outputting to Photoshop so he gives you help in that area as well (rather than having to buy a second book as well)
– book construction is solid, paper quality is nice, images are well coloured, text is sharp (I do find the quality of the cover cardboard a bit lightweight, in all his books the corners fray very quickly)

Note that I have not actually fully worked my way through the book. So far I have covered off the beginning, importing images, working with the Library and basic editing in the Develop mode.

And this is the particular beauty of this book, it gives you as much as you need. I have not yet ventured into my own printing, so I haven’t read that section. Nor is the Web section relevant at this point in time. But when and if things change, I know I can come back to this book and continue learning.


For anyone like myself who initially just wants to learn to use LR2 for catalogging, and basic RAW and image processing, then you will be pleased to know that 2/3rds of the book is dedicated to those areas of learning. All the other stuff (Slideshow Print Web) are fitted into the last 1/3rd so I still think its worth the price.

Highly Recommended


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