TechTip#7 Continuous Numbering – maxing out at 9999

So a momentous event happened last week and I didn’t even realise it at the time. For the very first time I reached 9999 with my camera!

And its a clever thing the Canon, and it did a clever thing that I didn’t know it would do and it completely confused me by doing it. I set my camera up to shoot with continuous numbering, and so far I have only used the one memory card so it has been easy. It just keeps ticking over.

However when it saves the files on the card it saves them in the following file structure:

Disk Name
– 100CANON

The clever thing that it did is when it hit 10000 it started a whole new folder!

10000 and counting

It created a SECOND FOLDER called 101CANON as you can see above, and the images 10000 and up from there can be found in there. Except I didn’t know that at the time, and felt like a right twit once I got home and had the time to dig around in my PC and figure it out. You can see from the image above I have deleted the 100CANON folder as it won’t be used and it saves me remembering where to look each time. Doesn’t seem to have caused any problems, all the images go into the right folder anyway 🙂

I assume everytime it ticks over on the ten thousandth file it will do this create a new folder thing. Its taken me 11 months to get this far, so I hope I remember when it happens again!


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