TechTip#8 Single or Continuous shooting mode?

I stumbled across how to change this one day while fiddling, and then when out shooting a puppy recently I wanted to do this change but for the life of me COULD NOT REMEMBER HOW!!

And of course I didn’t have the manual with me, so did the best I could in the circumstances, then came home, sat down with the manual and made sure I knew how to do this.

Personally I prefer to set my camera to slow speed continuous. In my experience, this is slow enough that you can easily shoot one shot with a delicate finger pressure. But its also fast enough for most action to ensure you can get the burst you need when the action happens.

I have only used the highspeed once while shooting dancers in low light, and the noise the camera made while hammering out highspeed shots was loud enough that the dancers could hear it over the music. And it didn’t make that much difference to the images I got at the time.

But your camera is set to Single Shooting mode by default, so here is how to change that setting:

Turn the camera on and press the INFO button on the back – this will show you all the image settings you normally see on the top screen and in the viewfinder screen.

Press the AF-Drive button on the top of the camera

AF Drive button

This will change the data on the screen to look like this – the Single Shooting mode is selected by the red square

Drive Mode

Simply turn the Control Dial down and it will skip along the row, stopping where you want it to. Press the Info button again and the screen will go black and the setting is saved.

You can do the same thing via the top screen (turn camera on and press AF Drive and then jog through the options) but I find it easier to do it using the screen.

FYI for quick reference the middle option is slow speed continuous 🙂


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One Response to TechTip#8 Single or Continuous shooting mode?

  1. forkboy says:

    I like to use slow continuous mode when shooting insects or flowers. Insects, because they frequently move and firing off a few shots means I’ll likely have one good one, and flowers for when it’s windy and they bounce around.

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