TechTip#9 Changing Autofocus Mode

This is a function I have decided to have a play with on my camera. Its setup by default with the ONE SHOT mode, which is described in my 40D Field Guide as idea for shooting stationery subjects.

In reality, most of mine move, so I have decided to set my camera to AI Focus AF. This seems to be the best of both worlds, it uses OneShot AF but it the subject moves it switches automatically to AI Servo AF.

AI Servo AF tracks a moving subject constantly and will use a manually selected AF point (if you did one) or automatic focus. I haven’t used this mode before so I am interested to see if it improves the quality of the dance images I get.

How to change the Autofocus mode:

Turn the camera on and press the INFO button on the back – this will show you all the image settings you normally see on the top screen and in the viewfinder screen.

Press the AF-Drive button on the top of the camera

AF Drive button

This will change the data on the screen to look like this – the ONE SHOT mode is selected by the red square

Drive Mode

(for those paying attention this is the same process as changing the Shooting Modes up to here)

To change the Focus mode you use the Main Dial to move between options

Main Dial

Press INFO again and carry on shooting šŸ™‚


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3 Responses to TechTip#9 Changing Autofocus Mode

  1. Scott Raun says:

    The Online Photographer pointed at a series of cheatsheets / QuickGuides for Canon’s. They’re at and “they’re formatted so you can print them out, fold them up, and take them with you”.

    Thought you might be interested.

  2. Rob says:

    Hi bluerose, I thin you should realy consider using AI servo or singel AF. AI Focus realy is only designed for automodes and it doesnt switch to movement mode quick enough nor refresh fast enough. If your subject moves use AI Servo else use Single.

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