In which the Weather Gods make it rain and I have a change of plans

and rain and rain and rain! It started last Sunday night, and rained ‘constantly’ until yesterday morning (it’s now Sunday again in NZland).

In case you missed it, thats nearly 6 whole days of rain! And yes snow in some areas where it got cold enough.

I was supposed to go away on a photography Field Trip up in the mountains for the weekend, and fortunately sensible people decreed it would be cancelled on Thursday. It was a shame as it looked like fun and was going to somewhere I had not been before, but it was just too damn wet, and the way the rivers were rising, potentially dangerous as well.

So instead I stayed home, and shot another Belly Dance show on Sat night. Just worked my way through the first lot of photos and uploading the first cut of images. As it is a student show, the images are currently private, but I am hoping to get some releases so then I can show you what I got.

It was a better venue from a photography point of view, as it had black panels down one side which gave me a nice background to shoot against. The downside is that it was a bigger stage and not as intimate, and harder to get those closeup shots. I ended up shooting most of it with my 50mm on and got some nice shots, esp once the lighting people brightened their act up a little bit.

Shot a bit with flash, and once again, when asking the dancers if it bothered them, they again replied “never even noticed it” so that’s a good thing. There are times when you just need the flash so I feel a little bit less shy about using it, but of course if it was an issue for someone, I would stop.

So again a great learning experience – here are some of the things I did learn:

– check the background for stuff, and get rid of it, at a certain angle there was a chair that could be seen, and if I had walked the stage beforehand and sighted angles, I would have seen it and been able to move it

– have your bag handy for lens changes etc (I learned that last show and it came in handy for this one)

– wrap a bit of wool fleece around my right forearm – this is going to sound odd, but when you are moving around between the audience and stage and trying to keep out of the way I find the easiest way is to hold my camera in my right hand and lay my forearm on the ground and slide along it (works best on lino) but still get a bit of a burn, so the fleece would protect it

– wear layers, you work surprisingly hard shooting a two hour show, and can get quite hot

– wear comfortable stretchy pants – I nearly did the splits, and the jeans I was wearing creaked rather scarily – luckily all was intact LOL

– always have business cards on you, somewhere 🙂


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One Response to In which the Weather Gods make it rain and I have a change of plans

  1. forkboy says:

    Funny you mention business cards. Because I’m not a professional photographer I have never considered any need to have cards. I mean, for what would I hand them out?

    But I have discovered a reason…. sometimes, when I’m out photographing, I may ask someone if they mind being in my photograph (usually in the background, but sometimes as the subjects). No one has ever said no and a few have asked for a copy. I always pass along my e-mail address, but I think folks forget or lose it or something.

    As such, I’m considering spending a couple of bucks to either purchase or make cards that I can hand out so folks can either visit my Flickr stream or contact me directly for a copy via e-mail.

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