Lightroom 3 is out!

Most of you probably know this already but LR3 was released last week. Hopefully there will be a shiny box sitting on my desk waiting for me on Monday morning!

In January I signed up for a course on LR2 and RAW – it was to be taught over two weekends and a followup evening session, and the first weekend was last weekend. As LR2 was what everyone had and only a couple of people had tried LR3 he taught LR2 last weekend but LR3 this weekend.

To be honest, as I have been using LR for a few months now, a lot of the basics I had covered. This is not to say there was no value in the course, the Tutor is excellent, and likely has forgotten more about photography than I will ever learn 🙂 So I have absorbed many interesting and esoteric things about photography, and also got some useful tips on how to use LR as well. Guess who had never used the RESET button, and didn’t know thats the feature she had been wanting to use for ages! Many years of experience taught me not to idly wonder what pressing a button marked as RESET would do, so I never used it.

Another full day tomorrow, getting into the good bits, thanks to the help I had already had from a couple of people, and of course, my trusty Scott Kelby LR2 book, I had managed to achieve a functioning relationship and get stuff done, but feeling a LOT better about being more productive and also hopefully quicker. And of course, there are SEXY new features that LR3 has which are quite exciting:

– lots of lovely new presets, which I have already got some favourites chosen
– noise reduction
– lens correction

And now I have a better idea on how to use the features that were already there but I didn’t properly understand, like the adjustment brush, and gradient filter, and healing, LR3 is pretty much made of awesome!

Oh and the tutor sent round a USB stick with two sets of presets, and some useful reference material, and the thing I wanted most of all – a *printable page of the SHORTCUTS!!!!*

So watch this space for updates and posts on the subject of LR3 🙂

Edit: in the last week there have been heaps of posts/articles on LR3 – to save you looking, here is a good place to start!


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