My first Wedding Shoot

All along I have said that I wouldn’t shoot weddings. Technically I don’t have the chops yet, and to be quite honest, I am not really interested in all the drama etc.

However I have some dear friends who got married last weekend, who were doing it on a tight budget. I was already doing the wedding party flowers and bouquets, and at the engagement party I offered to shoot the wedding for free ‘within the limits of level of skill’. Turns out I didn’t need to offer as there was a cousin who was a pro shooter who used to do weddings (retired to raise a family) and every second person had a camera (even the kids!)

Everyone had a camera handy

Still I was there with my gear, and while the weather was fine, it was bright and sunny and we had very limited options for formal shots (only took three in the end) and the lightin inside was challenging. There was bright light streaming in the side windows, but the wall behind the wedding party was painted matt black.

My poor camera had a bit of trouble coping (or more likely I had trouble setting it up to correctly compensate) and also had trouble focusing on men in black suits on a black background on occasion.

The important thing is there were no major dramas (except for lumpy custard which was easily fixed), the bride looked lovely, the groom handsome, the ceremony was short, the food was awesome and everyone seemed to have a lovely time.

I got shots I am happy with, and also spent time wandering round getting candids. The children were quite fun to shoot, some were shy, some were stoic, and some performed like Brittany on stage 🙂

Anyway I hope I got shots that they like and will be happy memories for the years to come. And I found out that another couple of friends are getting married next year, and are looking for a photographer……


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