Winter Scenery

Despite coming down with an awful head cold while away on my Winter Retreat, here I am slaving at my computer 🙂 My brain has dissolved and is trickling out my nose so apologies for any (more unusual) typos or general weirdness 🙂

Despite getting sick I managed to get a couple of days of nice weather for photography. On the way there, the road dips down into the Rakaia river valley, which is very beautiful and its tucked in underneath the skirts of the eastern side of the Southern Alps.

Rakaia River Valley

Bridge across the Rakaia

For those of you who don’t know, the South Island has one very long mountain range called the Southern Alps that runs more or less down the whole western length of the island, and Mount Cook, which is our highest peak, is in amongst them. And you can drive up to the base of them very easily, and there are several passes you drive through the middle of them as well. So you can get some spectacular views.

View from the top of the river valley, across to the Alps on the other side

So I stopped on the way, it was a bright sunny day, and had a play with my polarising filter on. Not necessarily as successfully as I might have hoped but it was a good learning experience.

On the Saturday I also drove out and got some shots of the mountains that are right behind where we were staying. And also back along a valley that runs into the range. However it was a howling nor’wester – so windy I couldn’t actually open my car door to get out for one shot, nor could I breath when I got out. I decided that even a tripod probably wasn’t going to be sufficient or safe in such conditions so turned around and went into town for a Hot Chocolate and some supplies 🙂

I think its snow being blown off the top of the mountain by the wind

I also went for a walk up a hill, the same hill, three times, but I will save that for another post.

The view in the valley behind where we were staying

What did I learn?

– if its really windy then don’t bother getting out unless you can find a sheltered spot
– polarising filters are cool but take some experience to get used to and use with more skill
– its really cold up in the mountains even on a bright sunny day
– be prepared to stop when you see a good shot but also be prepared to drive the extra distance to get the good one (I had my eye on one shot I had to drive for about half an hour so I could get it without bloody powerlines through it)
– cows will get out of the way of cars if you give them time to think about it
– white cars show the dirt so badly!

Farmland runs right up to the snowline

Nor'wester makes interesting clouds so close to the mountains


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One Response to Winter Scenery

  1. Katrina says:

    Lovely pictures! I particularly like the view in the valley and the one showing the farmland running up to the snowline.

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