Christchurch Earthquake – I am OK

I am OK because I am not even in the country, I am in Melbourne on holiday! However I have made contact with my flatmate and the house (like everyone elses) is a complete mess with all the books on the floor and cupboards a mess. Some small impact damage to the bath but no obvious structural damage to the house (not brick and no chimney). All my friends seem to be ok and accounted for.

So I am freaking out big time, the cats were in a cattery and I hope they are ok. Central city where I work is closed off and dont know how long for – due to safety with unstable buildings and continuing shocks, and the 3 day work conference thats supposed to happen tomorrow (that I was going to miss) has been cancelled.

I believe the airport is open so should be home as scheduled.


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2 Responses to Christchurch Earthquake – I am OK

  1. forkboy says:

    I knew you were to be on holiday, but I wasn’t certain if you had returned as yet or not.

    While I’m glad you weren’t home and remain safe and sound, I’m sorry that all sorts of craziness are transpiring back home.

    Hope everything, and especially the cats, is fine.

  2. forkboy says:

    Oh… completely forgot. Talk about missing a photography opportunity!

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