Cat Update

Hi Interwebs, I haven’t forgotten you. However I have been yet again sidetracked by real life, and its hit kinda hard this time. I have two Birman cats, Sky and Taz. Sky has been losing condition slowly for some time, despite me feeding him as much as he can eat. So I took him into the vet and after several days of tests, he came back with a diagnosis of only a few months left to live. He has a condition called FIP which is untreatable.

Sky and Taz

There is an ancient Chinese Curse “may you live in interesting times” and I know what it means, because as well as having to deal with hearing about Sky, my other cat has come down with a cat head cold, which doesnt sound like much but for him has been now a week of snotty misery, and the last few days for me have been very stressful as I have had to syringe feed him as he is not eating or drinking.

So Im a little stressed and preoccupied, and unfortunately have lost my mojo for the moment. Hopefully I will be able to get back into those photos I took in Melbourne and promised to post, real soon now.




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One Response to Cat Update

  1. patissonne says:

    Sorry to hear about the bad health of your cats, i really hope they make it despite the vet’s sentence… Both cats are beautifuuulll, just seeing them in these pics makes one want to hug and caress them 🙂

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