Spring Ducklings

I got out last weekend, the weather was lovely and warm. First off to town to photograph some more earthquake damaged buildings then on to the Orchid Show.

Didn’t buy any orchids as there wasn’t a lot of cymbidium choice and I sucessfully kill a paph over a year so not going to waste my money there. On the way back into town I decided to drop into the Art Centre for some churros and chocolate sauce if the man with the van was still there (he was).

Got a park down by the river so wandered over the bridge to see if there were any ducklings and there was a family being fed bread by a small boy at the edge of the river. On counting she had 11 ducklings!

Mum and 11 ducklings

So I put the 70-200 on and got down close for some shooting. Light was quite bright and directional but the biggest problem is the ducklings moved SO QUICKLY I struggled to get sharp shots.

They moved over to the other side of the river to settle down for a nap in the sun so I wandered over, got as close as I could without upsetting mum and shot what I could.

I quite like the lighting in this shot, and its a nice intimate moment

Even ducklings need to scratch


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One Response to Spring Ducklings

  1. forkboy says:

    I’m always so excited when moments like this come along, whether for me or someone else.

    Brilliant photos.

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