Apologies for the typos but I have a splint on my right hand

Life has been a bit more intrusive for longer than anticipated, and while I have been out with my camera a bit, I am severely behind in both editing pix and posting to the blog. Internets, I apologise, I have not been deliberately neglecting you. A couple of weeks ago I staked my tomato plants, and used a hammer in a very bad way to hammer them in. This has strained the two tendons in my right thumb. I am right handed, and doing a lot of stuff for the last couple of weeks has been painful, and extensive mouse useage and typing is two of those things.

I made an appt to see a hand physio last week but today was the soonest they could fit me in. Am now wearing a big black neoprene splint on my right hand, which makes me look like a hardcore 10 pin bowler 🙂 The good news is the support is helping. The bad news is that its even harder to type accurately, and difficult to mouse with the fine detail required in Lightroom, and I have SO MANY images to edit!!! The good news is that I have two weeks over over Xmas and thats not far away at all, and I should be able to get stuck in if I apply myself.

Events or outings that have been attended by myself and the camera over the last couple of months include:

Charity Boxing Tournament
Swing Dance Big Band Annual Festival
Swing Dance Xmas weekend retreat
Assorted Earthquake damage images
Local Birds
My Australian Holiday
Local Graffiti
My vege garden (including the dangerous tomato stakes)

So I have been busy and need to catch up. Some of these events I have edited already but I had great learning experiences at all of the above outings, and have lots to post about. But here is a sprinkling of some images I have taken lately

Ready for anything

Wetlands Sunset

Fireworks for Guy Fawkes


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5 Responses to Apologies for the typos but I have a splint on my right hand

  1. Katrina says:

    I like the wetlands sunset.

    I hope your hand feels better soon.

  2. forkboy says:

    I’m so sorry to read of your injury. Just take it easy and let it heal. That’s far more important than trying to catch up on pics. They aren’t going anywhere.


    • lensaddiction says:

      Its improved quite a lot but will clearly take time to come right fully, so I am taking it easy. Unfortunately the one thing that *really* seems to irritate it is extensive mousework – not necessarily using the thumb to click but just the tension of holding the mouse and moving it. Something you have to do when editing images *sigh* Oh well, at least I have the garden mostly sorted so I have a project for my summer holidays that start in 2 weeks time LOL

  3. forkboy says:

    Have you tried a trackball? They remain in one position while you move the ball around with either your thumb or index finger.

    I love them because I hate chasing the mouse all over my desk.

    It’s basically a mouse turned upside down.

    • lensaddiction says:

      yes I got myself one for work and it arrived on Friday, seeing how it goes before I shell out for one at home. Was considering indulging in the tablet I have always wanted instead 🙂

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