Horsedrawn Trams make an Xmas reappearance

The council are laying down tram tracks to extend the electric tram tracks already in use, but the full circuit is not complete. So for Xmas they decided to get out one of the old horsedrawn trams, complete with Clydesdales and are running it down the city mall section for this week only.

Very bright day at midday – worst time for shooting but had limited options as I popped out on my lunchbreak. I quite like the shadows though. I did some work in LR3 to adjust the levels and add a bit more punch and colour and tone down the exposure a bit. Its not perfect but Im happy with it. You can see the different tones and textures in the paving that was all just pale grey prior to tweaking.

Clydesdales pulling the oldfashioned tram

I have some other shots up on Flickr. I struggled with keeping everything in the frame. I either chopped the heads off the passengers or the feet off the horses. I need to remember to slow down a bit and check the edges of the shots before clicking. They weren’t moving very fast, I had time to take a moment. Background very busy but I cropped to bring the Point of Interest (ie the Tram) into more prominence within the image, but without losing the feel of the city environment too much. That was my aim anyway.


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One Response to Horsedrawn Trams make an Xmas reappearance

  1. forkboy says:

    It’s always these little things we miss when we hurry.

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