Happy New Year!

Just got home from attending a NY party and then stopped off to shoot the fireworks in town and now 45min into the new year I am posting on my blog. Long may this kind of dedication continue LOL.

Fireworks were disappointing, I think they may have scaled them down due to the recent new earthquake damage possibly. Or maybe downscaled so the people standing right next to the building could see them. I think I might know who the people were who did the setup, might try and get hold of them and ask because MUCH smaller scale than Guy Fawkes and we were initially promised bigger and better.

So far these holidays I have had a quick 3 day trip to Kaikoura and taken about 300 shots of seals (don’t really need to take another seal shot ever again really) and many scenery shots of the countryside both there and on the trip to and fro. I forget just how lovely this country is sometimes, and it was particularly pretty with blue sky and white fluffy clouds and various shades of green in the landscape. And the odd sheep here and there 🙂

My thumb is continuing to trouble me, but I hope to slowly start working through my photos, so expect more photo posts to come. Actual typing itself is an issue as my right thumb is my spacebar thumb, and it starts to ache after a while, and slows my typing right down to use another finger, which also doesn’t help.

Bedtime now methinks. The cats certainly seem to think so, they are there already 🙂


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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