Always know where your nearest toilet is!

I had my gall bladder out a few years ago, which was a great relief to all concerned. But one of the side effects it left me with was a need to always know where my nearest toilet was. Sometimes if I eat a meal with a bit too much fat in it, it requires me to be in near proximity to a toilet VERY VERY URGENTLY.

So you can imagine my delight as the best sunset I have yet to take a photo of this summer was shaping up to be a decent one. Good clouds in the sky and for the first time in ages, the deep southern horizon was clear so the light would go up into the sky and light the clouds. And just as it was about to put on the show that feeling I had been trying to ignore made itself quite clearly felt. So I took one last shot, packed up my gear and went for the car, dashed it around the corner, and realised that there should be toilets there as it was a park (and they usually have those kind of facilities here). Saw a likely building and did my best to set a world record for the 50m dash! Dashed out again, turned the car around and back to get a couple of shots.

Sadly I had missed the best of it, but I have added one more toilet to my list of available facilities. Tho it doesnt have lights on so would need a torch in the dark 🙂

Sunset over the Estuary

Sunset over the Estuary and Jetty

Both shots are 3 different exposures combined using Oloneo into HDR images. Also these shots are taken with my new 17-55 F2.8 IS USM lens. I traded the 17-85 and my monopod in for it over the holidays as Canon were doing a special deal. Spent a little more than planned because I had to buy bigger filters to fit it but so far I am LOVING IT!


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1 Response to Always know where your nearest toilet is!

  1. forkboy says:

    And such gorgeous results! I hope the new lens turns into a real winner for you.

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