6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch on Tuesday 22nd Feb

Many of you have probably heard there was devastating earthquake in my home town of Christchurch on Tuesday last week. As luck would have it I was in Brisbane for this one, and you may remember I was in Melbourne for the first big one in September. I am never going to be allowed to leave the country again!

Anyway I am OK, my house is still standing but all the cupboards and pantry contents are smashed on the floor. My flatmate deserves a medal for heroically dealing with this by himself for a second time, and my neighbours have also been fairly awesome by the sounds of things.

Up until Tuesday I was enjoying a nice holiday, having lots of great photo opportunities at a wildlife sanctuary and also Australia Zoo. I have a couple thousand images saved on my portable hard drive but wont get a chance to deal to them for a while as I volunteered to relocate to our Wellington office and support out team and customers from there.

So if things are a bit quiet on the blog front, you will know why. This link will give you an idea of some of the worst damage in the central city but this quake was VERY VERY BAD and violent. With the first quake, probably 80% of the city was left mostly unaffected once vital systems (water power sewerage) were reconnected.

This time round over 80% of the city is badly hit, it was centered to the east of the city and the port and town of Lyttleton are completely cutoff last I heard, and water and power are still lacking in many areas. And the ground damage is so bad they have no idea about sewerage as the pipes are buried quite a lot deeper, and many are old ceramic pipes and likely to be broken and leaking into rivers, waterways and the estuary and sea.

So this is bad, really really bad. I cannot comprehend it fully having not been there, and I imagine shock will set in once I got home.


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2 Responses to 6.3 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch on Tuesday 22nd Feb

  1. Katrina says:

    I was concerned for you when I heard about the earthquake. I’m glad you were in a safe place when it happened. It must be disturbing to be so far from home and unable to be there to deal with things at home though.

  2. forkboy says:

    So glad to read you, your place and your roommate are alright. Some broken crockery isn’t that big a deal considering all things.

    My neighbors have friends who live in the center of Christchurch, were on their way to the airport to collect friends flying in when the quake struck. Good thing too as their home was destroyed.

    Take best of care.

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