Did you miss me Internets?

*waves* I see you are still here Internets, patiently waiting 🙂 So the good news is I eventually made it home two weeks after the Quake, I ended up transferring to another city and working there for a week to cover for my team and our customers. Got home which mostly looked OK because my flatmate is totally made of awesome.

Still there was lots of tidying up and running around and things to do. We are as back to normal as you can be where the Central Business District is closed off – where I and probably 50% of the city worked. Businesses have instantly gone bellyup, hundreds or more losing jobs overnight. People with houses that are trashed and unlivable yet mortgages still have to be paid on them, as well as rent on a new place (if you can find one).

I am lucky because I work for a very large national company who was able to react well to the situation, I am working from home with a laptop supplied by work, and except for missing some handy office supplies, am pretty much functioning ok. It is very difficult to work from home and its still a trying situation, so I haven’t had a lot of mental energy left over for things like photography.

Because I came back late, and also the roads are in a shocking state, I have not been out with my camera taking photos of the damage, but if you want to see it (and its fairly horrific) then here are some good places:

CHCH Quake Photos

CHCH photos

Pictorial record of some historical buildings


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