On inspiration from other photographers

I admit I am not well read in the photography world. I know the names of some of the greats, and even some of their iconic photos. But there are many photographers referenced out there I have never heard of. To a certain extent, living in NZ is a limitation (ie difficulty in getting their books or seeing exhibitions etc) but the Internet should be able to overcome most of those handycaps.

So it was a surprise to me to stumble across a website in my Twitter feed that was interesting enough to poke around in, and gave me some wonderful images that inspire me greatly

Fight Club by Wolf Ademeit

Initially I had to look and look again before I saw what this image was. Once I had that sorted I was able to enjoy the wonderful texture and drama this image has. Lovely lighting that somehow manages to be soft and yet pick up the textures and shine on the black coat of the bulls – black being one of the harder colours to manage this and get sufficient detail. A technically excellent image with much impact. Love the tight cropping on this as well.

Yawning Red Fox by Nicholas Dory

I have always been a fan of foxes, perhaps a legacy of too many childrens books. This is an amazingly vibrantly coloured image, taking advantage of lovely soft natural lighting. And for added difficulty, how to get such a relaxed shot of a wild animal in winter. I suspect much patience and lying very cold on snow for many hours and days preceeded this image.

Snow Cat by Nikolay Sotskov

Fantastic timing and perfect shutterspeed to get the movement and all the snow in the air. And yet notice that its at cat eye level. Again someone spending time stalking possibly their pet (never an easy thing) at ground level in the cold snow waiting for that one shot.

Just three images but each one for different reasons makes me stop and look at it in more detail and appreciate its depths. I want to produce photos that make people do that.


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