Discovering Toy Photography

I started to use Twitter a lot after our first earthquake, and finally realised the ‘point’ of Twitter 🙂 And over time I have ‘followed’ quite a few links appealing to various interests, photography of course being a big one.

So stumbled over a link in my feed yesterday that took me to an interesting site, and it had an article on Toy Photography? Intrigued I followed along and not really expecting anything, got this

25 extraordinary examples of Toy Photography

I was utterly bemused and astonished to discover a complete niche genre of photography that I had never heard of before. And its cool! And technical! And these people care about what they are doing!

Flickr Group for Toy Photography

I had no idea that this was out there, and yet it clearly is. Perhaps because I think the toys drive this? And I am not into the toys. It gave me a whole heap of ideas to think about, when and if I ever get a mini studio setup.


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