Lizards in Australia

On my trip to Brisbane I specifically wanted to go to some wildlife parks – Currrumbin Wildlife sanctuary and Australia Zoo. Both were very different experiences (and I will be doing detailed posts about each one with pix) but there was one common theme – wild lizards all over the place. Not tame, as they wouldn’t let you get too close. But if you gave them space then they were happy to pretend you didn’t exist – this also translated nicely into posing quite still for the camera as well.

They came in the same basic design, but variations in size and colour. I guess they were drawn by the availability of native bush and plentiful food. I know next to nothing about lizards so can’t be more specific than that đŸ™‚

Blue Tongue Lizard

This guy was one of the exhibits, as the name says he is a Blue Tongue Lizard, and that tongue really *is* blue. I have no idea what evolutionary process was the reason for it, but its certainly different.

I am not sure if this guy was an exhibit or a innocent bystander đŸ™‚ But he looks fierce!

Innocent Bystander

Fairly sure this guy was just a spectator, love all the detail in all the spiky bits around his head. And is it just me or to most lizards appear to have a rather enigmatic expression?

I was very taken with these fellows all over the place and have many photos – on one deck there were about 10 of them, just sitting and watching us go by. There will be more posts with more photos – including snakes, birds, wombats, kangaroos, and more lizards. And alligators!


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