Australia Zoo Part 2 – Komodo, Tortoise, Tasmanian Devils and a Wombat

Australia Zoo is quite large and we decided to do the area closest to the entrance before wandering further. After looking at the map, planning for lunch and the Croc and the Birds of Prey shows, that was the plan.

AZooED-5351Komodo Dragon

This shot shows you how big this animal is, a good 5-6 feet long from nose to tail, and check out the size of the claws!

AZooED-5348Komodo in need of a manicure

I thought these were Galapagos but they are Aldabran Tortoise – never heard of them before seeing them here

AZooED-5354Aldabran tortoise

This interesting creature is a Binturong. Really hard to get a good shot of them as they were up on a rock ledge at the back of the enclosure in full shade. And they were awake and fully engaged in having a morning wash, and didn’t stop moving the entire time. This was my best shot of the pair, but still a bit blurred due to the movement, and my camera not able to keep up. Apparently they are related to dogs and cats, but have a prehensile tail!


There was a covered area for children that had animals they could interact with. There were rabbits and very cute piglets, but due to the area being covered and no interior lighting, and the speed the animals were moving, I didn’t get any good shots. The ISO on my camera is very grainy above 400 so I don’t use it because I think it looks awful. It also means I don’t always get these kind of shots, and I didn’t want to use my flash in case it scared the animals.


The goats were very entertaining, they had a goat gymnasium – a set of multi level tables – that they could climb up on top of, or lie on, and were happily leaping all over the place for attention and treats.

And of course if you go to Australia, as well as a koala, you *have* to get photos of kangaroos – this was the biggest red I saw

AZooED-5586Red Kangaroo

And this handsome fellow was having a rest in the shade, and his unusual colouring caught my eye – pied grey and white all over.

AZooED-5648Pied kangaroo

I have a shot of the keepers in the Tasmanian Devil enclosure but it was all fogged up with condensation for some reason, so not worth sharing, but on our wanderings we discovered them out, and you could get your photo taken with them. I think these are not full grown, but even so they are still very small animals for such a fearsome name 🙂 And surprisingly cute:)

AZooED-5461Tasmanian Devil

And in a large green grassy open enclosure, there was a wombat. I was surprised the enclosure was so open as I thought they were bush animals.


Part 3 continues with Birds of Australia Zoo


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1 Response to Australia Zoo Part 2 – Komodo, Tortoise, Tasmanian Devils and a Wombat

  1. forkboy says:

    That Komodo is quite impressive!

    I feel the same way about shooting at an ISO higher than 400. In some ways this limitation is a good reason for me to consider upgrading to a newer and better dSLR.

    I have used my Canon 40D at ISO 800 for some indoor shots and while they aren’t bad you can’t do any close-up work or heavy crop & zoom without running into noise. And i don’t care what folks say about noise reduction options/software: it shows.

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