Our second snowfall this winter and first time out with 7D

Its not unknown but fairly unusual to have snow in Christchurch. Usually get a few flurries and it might sit on the ground for a few hours but gone by next day. About 3 weeks ago we had the third biggest snowfall in about 70 years, it lasted a good couple of days and the city was snowbound for the first one and icebound for the second. Luckily I had my laptop so could work from home 🙂

Snow-7326July Snow

They started forecasting a snow front for lots of parts of the country on Thursday last week. And Sunday dawned lovely and sunny until the afternoon, then a front went through and it eventually began snowing with intent late in the day. So our second decent snow in one winter, and I have no idea the last time *that* happened. And its supposed to linger for 3 days in total. And it started snowing again a few hours ago, and my car windscreen is covered with a couple of cm again 🙂

This is my place about 11am this morning


And this is the view from the corner up the street


And the hills behind us that you very rarely see due to the weather, and in the 6+ years I have lived here, I have never seen them like this


We got a good 20 – 30 cm, and deeper in some places where the wind has drifted it. It was light and fluffy, not hard and icy like the last time. In a brief moment of blue sky I got out with the new camera and took some shots.

I have spent some time researching the 7D and all the setup options, its very confusing but I think I have it mostly setup how it needs to be. Its very very very fast at focussing and taking the image, and a lot quieter on silent mode. I only had issues with it not finding focus with one shot, and it was not coping with finding focus on a big patch of snow, I can forgive that.

Am still working out how to select the focus point manually – it has so many I have to use the dial and the joystick which can be a bit of fluffing around. Its my first real use of it with these photos since I got it, and I am happy with them. Was shooting on P and the snow looks fairly nicely exposed, some shots are a bit greyer than others, but Im not too bothered, these were essentially snapshots recording the event for posterity 🙂



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One Response to Our second snowfall this winter and first time out with 7D

  1. forkboy1965 says:

    That problem with the autofocus on a large patch of snow was due to a lack of contrast. The autofocus system uses contrast (between light and dark areas) to help focus. A large patch of a single colour or subtle variations in a single colour give cameras trouble.

    You might try using the adjustment wheel at your index finger to cycle through the focus points instead of using the joystick. While the joystick takes a more direct route it’s harder to wedge your finger onto it while having your face pressed against the camera body.

    Loved seeing the pics on flickr. Your snow made everything so beautiful.

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