Cupcakes as big as your head!

I walked past the shop window below in Melbourne and stopped in utter astonishment at two things. One was the artistic beauty of the lovely decorated offerings

MelbCupcakes2010-3383Oh so tempting

The other thing that literally stopped me in my tracks (and I was thankful I had lugged my camera all over the city with me) was the size of the cupcakes on the top shelf. AS BIG AS YOUR HEAD!!! really really truly!

To give you scale, the two bottom shelves are the normal size cupcakes. Then up to Texan supersize and then GIANT HEAD SIZED ones on the top shelf. I popped my head in the door and checked it was ok to take photos, and with their blessing proceeded to snap away. The reflection from the glass was a difficulty, as was the fact it was a pavement with pedestrians outside, so I had to be careful how I was shooting.

Still I got these memorable images. I didn’t give into temptation and buy a giant one and eat it all by myself (but I considered a Texan one but was too far from my hotel and it wouldnt have survived the trip)

MelbCupcakes2010-3384I have no idea what flavour this is



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1 Response to Cupcakes as big as your head!

  1. Katrina says:

    Those are gorgeous cupcakes. It would seem like a shame to destroy one by eating it. Coincidentally, I saw a cake pan for making giant cupcakes when I was out shopping today.

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