Everyone needs a Nifty Fifty lens

By which I mean the entry level prime 50mm lens – available from both Canon and Nikon. Canon love it so much they make a F1.8, F1.4 and F1.2 version. The Nifty Fifty is the F1.8 version which is the cheapest Canon lens I think you can get.

Even though it is cheap its still a good piece of glass, its short, its sharp and the F1.8 is very handy in low light. I particularly like it for taking photos in the garden, and spring has arrived with even more tempestuous weather than we usually get. So my garden has been battered by scaffolding, workmens boots and now pounding wind and rain. But a few days of calm and some sunshine work wonders 🙂

This is Forget Me Not and this is a 100% crop of the image I shot – the actual flowers are only about 5-6mm across. I’m impressed at the level of fine detail the 7D with this lens has captured, all the furry bits down the stem and the tightly furled pink buds (they are pink but turn blue when opening)

I have a sour cherry tree which has single white blooms, but the stock it was grafted on to at some point decided to put a branch or two out and it has these lovely fluffy blossoms. The buds are almost red, then fade to shocking pink and then finally to white when they open, which you can see here.

I planted a purple and a white Osteospermum daisy last year, and they performed outstandingly, once they started flowering they kept going all through winter and so long as I keep dead heading them, they just keep flowering. Best value plants in my garden currently. Got a bit trodden on but the bits that survived are not giving up.

When they first open some are completely purple, but most fade out to this pattern, which makes for a more decorative flower. This is also a 100% crop of the original shot.

It was a slightly windy day, which means having a faster lens gives you a slight advantage. The one thing I do find about this lens is it can struggle with auto focus and hunt a lot. I was pushing it to its limits by shooting as close to its range as I could in closeup, but even once I pulled back it still hunted a lot, even when the subject was completely different contrast to the background. Still it forgives a lot, and gives you lots of opportunity to play. Everyone should have one!


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