Grand Chancellor Christchurch prior to demolition

GrandChancellorNov2011-1181Grand Chancellor Hotel

This Hotel is the tallest building in Christchurch at 28 stories and was badly damaged in the Feb 22 earthquake. This shot is of the top few stories and the south and east side. You can clearly see where the floors are broken and the whole building has slumped in that corner and developed a distinct lean. So much so that it cannot be demolished by blowing it up (or in and down) because it will fall in the direction its leaning, and close a road and damage other buildings.

So finally, after all this time, they are going to start taking it down layer by layer starting this week. Its a difficult building to get a good shot of, as there are powerlines across the streets that give a decent view, which I didnt like. And if you get too close and are shooting from the grond, then you get blocked by buildings around it. So I drove along the nearest street, pulling in where I got a clear view. This is the best of the closeups I took with my 70-200 F4 IS.

Even though all the dissent and discussion is around the Cathedral, I think its this building that has become the enduring iconic image of the earthquake, its been easily viewable from outside the Red Zone, and therefore frequently photographed. Demolition starts this week, I wanted to have something to remember it by.


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