Sunset Drama

SunsetNov2011ED-1731Tonights Sunset

The sky was shaping up with potential for a good sunset. So far this summer they have been rare, as there has been odd weather changes with the winds, meaning that the southwestern corner where the sun sets has often been clouded over. It was again tonight but no so much so that the light and colour couldn’t get through. This is a dark under exposed image from three taken for an HDR blend, but I like the depth of colour and added drama from this darker image 🙂

Its the first time I have opted for this style of image over the more classic version, but I think it works artistically much better. Interestingly this is the first time I used the 70-200 lens as well for a sunset, as the area of colour was quite localised and I wanted to get the details of the trees etc in the silhouette.

And while I was setting up the policecar who had pulled over someone for speeding came down and pulled over just as I was setting up. He saw my tripod and realised why I was there, he had thought I had broken down and needed help. I thanked him for his kind thought but assured him I was there for the impending sunset. I was amused to see he got another speeding victim on the way back from talking to me 🙂 Drama for those drivers who assume that they can get away with flouting the new slower speed limits imposed since the Quake damaged the roads badly enough to warrant it.


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2 Responses to Sunset Drama

  1. Incredibly good shoot. Hope you get a chance at a few more. I’ve taken to capturing these with a 100-400mm f4.0 recently not only to capture more of the surrounding detail but also to allow for a higher aperture setting to counter some of the light.

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