Negative Space

One of the forums I subscribe to has monthly challenges, which I try to attempt as learning experiences. This months is Negative Space and this really interested me. A link to examples was provided, which was useful as I didn’t really ‘get’ it from the description, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

So with that in mind I went out to Orana Park (our local zoo). Its out on the edges of the city and there were some nice landscape shots that I spotted on the way in that I thought I would catch on the way back. We had a norwester wind that day so there was interesting cloud patterns.

I’m not sure if I quite got the hang of the negative space concept in its purest form, but here goes


These lines form part of the National Grid, carrying power all the way up the country, so they march all the way over the mountains and plains, with great gaps cut in forests to allow them. Like the Tripods in War of the Worlds 🙂

Perhaps it would have had more negative space if the sky had been clear, I changed it to B&W as the colour was too intrusive.


A closeup of the top of the tower, lots of lovely geometric shapes and mostly clear blue sky hopefully providing the negative space.

This was a really interesting challenge for me, it is a compositional element I knew existed but had not really considered deliberately using in my own work. I will have to keep a lookout for more opportunities


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