More Negative Space

I had so much fun with the last time I went out shooting this in mind, I made it my mission for this weekends shooting as well. There was a Sandcastle building competition on at the beach, and though the wind was an extremely brisk easterly straight in off the sea, the sun was out and it wasn’t too bad a day. We have a sand artist who does his thing on Saturday mornings and I happened to catch him nearly finished his masterpiece, and played a little with negative space.

This first one is cheating just a little as I have shot the artist’s own use of negative space ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the artist at work, I went for a panorama style composition as the curves lead you over to the artist (and back again) It looks better bigger


And the Pier, still standing after all our earthquakes


And finally, because I know you will want to see, the finished Sand Art, shot from up on the Pier



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2 Responses to More Negative Space

  1. peter says:

    I dont know if it’s new, but I love how he now puts a copyright on his artwork. very 21st century

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