2012 My year of photographic participation

So I had this New Year resolution last year, to make more of an effort to participate in photographic events. Things like club field trips, weekends shooting at a special venue etc, and to make more of an effort with competing as well. I am fairly good at attending the monthly meetings but the rest of it I tend to leave to the last minute and forget about, or already be booked up for something for the field trip that was of interest.

Everything stopped on Feb22 with the big earthquake that devastated Christchurch and changed the lives of everyone. Suddenly it was a challenge to find venues to hold events and meetings in, and everything seemed to move further away from where I live. And we all had other things to occupy us, like boiling water, and constant aftershocks. 2011 turned into my year of hibernation rather than participation.

Samoan Church

Samoan Church where all the bricks at this end just collapsed in a heap showing the lovely wooden ceiling

Earthquakes haven’t gone away as our cluster that hit on the 23rd Dec reminded us, but now a year down the track we are more familiar and better prepared to deal with them. Everyone is making an effort to return things back to as much as can resemble normal. As soon as I get my house fixed up by EQC (hopefully sometime this month) for which I have to pack up EVERYTHING move out for 2-3 weeks and may not have and interwebs access, then its all on!

I therefore intend 2012 to be my year of participation. What’s your photographic goal for 2012?


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3 Responses to 2012 My year of photographic participation

  1. Wow! To say you’re challenged would be an understatement but since you’re on the up side of those earthquakes now there is hope that you can rise to the occasions that will present themselves.

    For me, last year I did an impromptu 3 1/2 month tour of 18 of our national parks and monuments, mostly out west (I live on the east coast of the US). Lots of photographic opportunities but there could have been many more had I done even the minimal amount of research in advance. I didn’t. Just got in the car and drove – for 14,000 miles.

    So, my goal this year is to begin a studied tour of all the National Parks and the significant National Monuments in the Lower 48 States. And to spend at least 3-5 days in each. Since the number of these sites exceeds 100 (by a lot), it’s going to take more than a year to complete this effort – if in fact it’s ever really completed.

    I’m buying a truck camper, renting my house and planing on being “out there” for as long as it takes.

    • lensaddiction says:

      That sounds like an amazing experience, I dream of being lucky enough to visit some of those parks and monuments if I can ever afford to travel to the US. Thats some level of dedication but I am sure it will be rewarded with some fabulous photos, esp as you will have the time to go looking for harder to get shots that the tourists don’t usually expend the time and effort to make.

      Might have the makings of a book at the end of it?

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