I have had one hot shower in the last 7 days and no cold ones

Sometimes other parts of life take priority over my photography, and I am living one of those now.  The day *before* I moved back in they ripped out my bath/shower out of the bathroom.  The bath had to be replaced due to earthquake damage and they needed to get in under the floor to fix a couple of slipped piles.

Therefore we are at Day#7 without a bathroom. I have had one hot shower in that time at my BFF place and probably have another there tomorrow.  I have perfected the art of bathing with a bucket and washing my hair over the kitchen sink (both involve towels on the floor)

I am camping out in my own home, and the novelty is starting to wear off, so I hope they get it fixed soon, so I can stop worrying about it and have some brain energy left over for photography AND blogging!


About lensaddiction

Mad keen photographer figuring it out as she goes!
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