Autumn means mushrooms pop up anywhere

My favourite time of year is autumn, here it means the weather settles and we have nice pleasantly warm days, good for tidying up the garden before everything shuts down for winter. It also means mushroom season, and I have spotted some beauties around town and took my camera out whenever I saw one.

In Redcliffs school there was a lovely clump but they had been mowed over by the time I got there, but I did spot this unusual beauty in Sumner

In a sports field on the way to work, I spotted a likely candidate on the way home, so stopped the next morning to find a large toadstool and a smaller one



The big one was large enough to be seen driving by but I almost stood on the smaller one, not realising it was there, nearly hidden in the grass.  Picture me in my work clothes, lying flat out on the damp grass, wriggling around till I got the right distance and angle 🙂  I used my 50mm F1.8 for these shots, I find it a lot sharper for close up work than my other lenses, and you can get quite close with it. I lust after a proper macro lens, but this does a nice close up job in the mean time.

And on the way home another evening I spotted this interesting shaped cloud, it was still there when I got home – it looks like a trilobyte to me 🙂


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2 Responses to Autumn means mushrooms pop up anywhere

  1. Bronny says:

    Great photos, love the mushrooms, and that cloud is devine 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks, there were several other clouds way off to the left, but this was the one you could see from my street. I have never seen that type of formation before, must have been a certain kind of atmospheric condition to make it happen. They were the only clouds in the sky which was the most noticeable thing 🙂

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