Farewell to the Cathedral Pt1

After they announced the Cathedral would be pulled down, CERA opened up access to the Square for a couple of weekends for the populace to pay their respects and say goodbye. It was a remarkably sympathetic gesture given the circumstances. The Cathedral is in the middle of the Red Zone, and lots of buildings yet to be demolished have to be walked past to get to it, but CERA set up walkway. You had to go in wearing good shoes, have ID on your person, and be prepared to run for your life if anything went wrong. I sent a text to my BFF describing what I was wearing before I went in and had my drivers licence in my pocket.

I got up early on the last day of viewing. They had 60000 people through the weekend before and only 500 people were allowed in at a time. I was lucky I got there as early as I did, and managed to walk straight in. By the time I got out 30 min later, the queue was over an hour to get in, and it was a very hot sunny day.

I have several photos of the building, CERA had also thoughtfully taken down the high fences in the front, and had lower barricades, so photographers had good access. I took photos for a couple of families, of Dads holding their kids up, memories to be bought out in years to come. Reminders for the children of what we have lost.

CathedralMar2012ED-3203The Cairn

The mood of the crowd was generally positive, I was heartened to see many young people out with their phones, enjoying a nice day but also representing in their own way. The Wizard was there and in good voice, I got a photo of him blessing a sweet young thing.

On my way back out there were many messages tied to the fence, and this one was the most memorable.

CathedralMar2012ED-3226Where are the Answers

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3 Responses to Farewell to the Cathedral Pt1

  1. mississhippi says:

    I’m really glad you are documenting this. I can’t be there so it is great to be able to see what is happening through your lens. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • lensaddiction says:

      It was just luck that I had the night shoot shots I did before it was damaged as a reference. My new carpet goes down today and I move back in properly on Saturday so then I will able to get my head back in the game, process all the pix and post them up 🙂 Glad you are enjoying the posts.

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