Black Swan and cygnets


Taken last spring at a waterway not far from my house.  I spotted this pair of black swans with their new family and made a mental note to go back with my camera.  Fortunately when I did they were still there, a bit shy but the 70-200 did the job nicely.


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2 Responses to Black Swan and cygnets

  1. mississhippi says:

    Lovely pic. I love cygnets, have ever since my brother found one on its own (in NZ whilst on holiday funnily enough) swimming in the bay near where my family lived. We all tried to take care of it, but unfortunately it didn’t survive. It was sad, but it was a beautiful little creature.
    It’s amazing how such a fuzzy little creature turns into such a graceful bird as the swan.

    • lensaddiction says:

      They are really cute when they are at the fuzzy stage. I have some teenager shots of another family and they are much less cute. It was a nice thing to try and save the one you found 🙂

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