New photography books on order

Book Depository had an extra 10% off recently and I was in need of a new manual for Lightroom 4. This time round I wanted a more indepth and more technical book, something to help me get more out of the software and to learn all the new features to the best advantage.

So I took a chance on the Lightroom Queen and ordered her new LR4 book – LR4 the Missing FAQ I haven’t tried her books before, but I read her blog now and then.

That was an easily justifiable book, I had paid for the software, so important I get to use it properly, isn’t that right 🙂

The next two books are a bit of an indulgence, but I am a fan of good books to learn from and one is an author I bought his second book a few months ago and enjoyed it. I hunted out his first one and it was quite well reviewed, and its a topic a photographer cannot know too much about. So I also bought The Betterphoto Guide to Exposure by Sean Arbabi

The last book I bought was a complete indulgence, I stumbled across a link in my Twitter feed and it was also very well reviewed. The truth is I totally fell for the potential for otter photos, I must confess. I have a passion for otters and hope one day to get the chance to shoot them in the wild, this book is the closest I will come until then 🙂

Wildlife Photographer: A Course in Creative Photography by Chris Gomersall

They are due to arrive over the next couple of weeks, so I better get my blogging fingers going and write up some reviews. Stay tuned!


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2 Responses to New photography books on order

  1. mississhippi says:

    Book Depository is a dangerous site – very addictive, very easy to press a button and order more books, very easy to end up with no room on the credit card, very exciting to receive the package in the post and wonder which book it is that has arrived today. Am I sad or what?! 🙂

    • lensaddiction says:

      No you are not sad, I know exactly how it feels. Its different for us at the bottom of the world, we don’t have access to the range they have in walk in bookstores in the US and UK. So we have to get our thrills online 🙂

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