Food Photography – my first test

Finally my favourite deli got the Bohemein Sea Salt Caramel chocolates in stock in a 6 pack, and I snapped up a box to take home and treasure. I was lucky enough to have TWO samples at a tasting day a few weeks ago, but they have continuously sold out since 😦

Before I madly guzzled them all down in a frenzy of chocolate caramel salty bliss, I decided to try my hand at a spot of food photography. It was a bright overcast day so the light was nicely filtered, so I placed them on the arm of the sofa in good light and put the 50mm F1.8 lens on the camera.

My biggest issue appears to be focus. I often find the 50mm hunts a lot, even when I specify a focus point. Im not sure if there wasn’t enough contrast in the area I was setting focus for, but the salt sprinkled on the top was very bright and yet the fabric on the arm of the sofa was nicely in focus 😦 I was working around F3.5 which I thought should have given enough DOF, but it looks almost like it was front focussing.



I had to pull off about 15cm of lovely stretched out caramel for this shot


I think I will need to have another go at this food photography lark, perhaps with another range of chocolates? BTW if you are in NZ and reading this, these chocolates are expensive but are TO DIE FOR. Rush out and try them immediately 🙂


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3 Responses to Food Photography – my first test

  1. mississhippi says:

    I like the contrast of the white salt in the white box more than on the grey couch, but that’s more an aesthetic thing I think 🙂 Maybe the single choc on a white background would be quite striking.

    Love the half eaten pic – almost looks like some sort of alien creature with dripping teeth with the caramel goo running off it…but that may just be my weird imagination at work lol

    • lensaddiction says:

      I thought of the white background, but I was concerned about over exposing the white (and the salt) or conversely underexposing the chocolate.

      Still I can buy another box and try again……

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