Challenges of Photography Composition – Autumn leaves

So many times I frame up a shot and take it, only to find something I didn’t notice at the time completely ruining it. I am slowly learning to look for these things as I go, but new situations bring different and new issues.

Take this shot for example, its autumn and my silver birch is looking lovely, with the silver bark, and half green, half golden leaves. The sun was shining and dappling nicely through the leaves so I got out with my 7D and the nifty fifty to play in the garden.

I framed up this shot which looked perfectly nice through the camera.


But when you look at it, the glare of the main trunk is very overwhelming on the left side but more annoyingly, there is a long shadow of a branch right down the branch I was using as my focal point! How could I not see that at the time 😦

Luckily I had recomposed and moved around a bit, as I *had* noticed the effect of the glare off the trunk, so I changed my angle to accomodate that, and that had the benefit of lessening the overhead shadow as well


Its still not perfect but it is a classic example of the things you somehow don’t see at the time, but leap out at you once you view the large version on your computer screen. Why don’t we see these at the time? Its really frustrating, and not like it isn’t fairly obvious 😦 I guess my mental focus is still needing some work.


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4 Responses to Challenges of Photography Composition – Autumn leaves

  1. The recomp also got rid of the superfluous background πŸ™‚

    • lensaddiction says:

      Thanks I am learning, slowly. I do tend to crop fairly heavily when necessary and this was an image that did need it.

  2. peter says:

    I like, too, that in both photos, among the green and yellow is one single rogue, reddish orange leaf (although in the second there is a brownish leaf at the bottom, too)…my eye is drawn to them πŸ™‚

    • lensaddiction says:

      I had to go looking but yes they are there – about to come fluttering down on to the lawn….and need raking up!

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