Challenges of Photography Composition – Aperture

These lovely Osteospermum daisies are doing their thing, still, nearly into winter. Had a nice sunny day so got out with the camera and the nifty fifty lens to have a bit of a play. I wanted to get a series of shots of the same thing from F1.8 down to F5 or so and compare the shots to see what my camera/lens combination really did, so I would know better when to use what combination in the future.

Currently I have an ‘idea’ of what each aperture should do, but the DOF sometimes isn’t as much as what I think it should be. This bunch of daisies was a good 3D example to play with

First we have F4


Then we have F2.8


Personally I prefer the F4 shot. The 2.8 isolates the main central bloom quite nicely, and if I was wanting to set it apart from its background, that clearly should be the aperture to use. However in this instance I am trying to show them as a group, au naturel on the plant. I think the F4 gives you enough DOF to get the 3D effect but doesn’t blur the background ones quite so much and therefore doesn’t isolate the central one so much. The whiter one at the top draws the eye up and I think it works better with F4 when that flower is a little more in focus.

The good news is I can see a clear differential between the two focal lengths, the plane of focus (is that the right term) appears to be fairly standard with both. You get better bokeh effect with the 2.8. Have I commented how much I love the nifty fifty, its such a versatile little lens and so affordable, and sharp 🙂

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